At Flowlyf we believe that change is the only constant therefor we are always seeking the change always working towards becoming a better versions of our selves. And we feel that in this journey everything around us should resonate with this drive, especially the spaces that we spend our lives in. And this is what we have set out to do we want to Bring Spaces in Harmony!

We are reimagining our interactions with spaces and asking questions like why things are the way they are and how can we make it more efficient. We are trying to keep it simple by creating solution that bring a feeling of lightness and ease, that adapt with us as we learn and grow. That make this journey an effortless one and keep us in a state of flow!



We believe kindness is humankind’s greatest strength. And we make sure to not just preach, but practice it every day, by looking for ways to make the day better for people around us. Be it a smile, an ear, a thank you, a helping hand.


Clear, concise and unpretentious. Everything as is the way it really is. That’s how we like our conversations, with our peers, clients and even ourselves. We practice honesty and also take it well.


Every individual has the power to make this world a better place, one step at a time. All we need to do is seek, with our eyes open to ideas, our ears open to opinions, our minds open to new perspectives and our arms open to change. The aim is to keep seeking till we make a difference, big or small, for ourselves and the ones around us.


We feel that no meaningful solution can be made without putting ourselves in the hats of our customer. Therefore we very consciously try to empathies and align with the perspective of our customer and create with a sense of responsibility and sustainability.


Vaibhav Bhalla- A second time entrepreneur, currently building, Prior to this he built The Founders Cafe a startup innovations hub providing seed capital and mentor Support to early stage startup’s which was Acquired in April, 2019. Where he advised IIT- B Entrepreneurship cell and to hon’ble minister Miss Nirmala Sitaraman on her startup incubation centre in mangalore.

Surabhi Iyer- Having been a product and lifestyle designer from NIFT, Delhi, to the leading Design and Fashion house in India, Sunil Sethi Design Alliance and the Fashion Design Council of India, she brings in her 5+ years of experience of working with some of the leading furniture and lifestyle brands from all across the world such as Anthropology, crate and barrel, and the likes.