Clause 1: 15-Day No Questions Asked Return Policy

1.1 This policy is applicable only to outright purchases, commencing from the date of product delivery.

1.2 To qualify for return, the product must be undamaged and returned in its original packaging with tags and manuals intact.

Clause 2: Reverse Pickup Charges

2.1 No charges will be levied for the first two attempts of product pickup.

2.2 Declining two consecutive pickup requests will result in the imposition of shipping charges, ranging from INR 1200-1800 based on the pin code. This amount will be deducted from the refund.

Clause 3: Document Process

3.1 An email containing necessary documents for courier partner pickup will be sent. A response within 48 hours is mandatory.

Clause 4: Refund Process

4.1 Refunds will be initiated within 48-72 business hours post-receipt and quality check of the returned item.

Clause 5: User Responsibility for Uninstallation and Packaging

5.1 Uninstallation and packaging are the user's responsibility, with video instructions provided for guidance

Clause 6: Packaging Material Cost

6.1 If the original packaging is damaged or discarded, a new one can be shipped at an additional cost of INR 2500.

6.2 Users must account for the transit and reverse shipping timeline for the entire process.

Clause 7: Full Refund Eligibility

7.1 Proper packaging, following video instructions, is imperative for claiming a full refund.

Eligibility for claiming full refund : Upon receipt, the desk will undergo a quality check. Any damages incurred during installation or usage (excluding transit damage) will render the item ineligible for a full refund. In such cases, the refund amount will be subject to deduction based on the extent of damage.

Clause 8: Full Refund Eligibility

8.1 Third-party logistics handle product transportation, with customers anticipating a potential timeline of 2-5 days for scheduled pick-up.

8.2 An exact date and time cannot be guaranteed due to reliance on external logistics providers.