The height adjustable FlowDesk, encompassing all models developed by Flowlyf to date, is specifically designed for use within the Indian subcontinent and is not intended for global use, yet.

When a customer purchases the product from FlowLyf, they pay the full amount of the product at the check-out and become the owner of the product. Whereas subscription is a pay per use model, in this, the customer pays according to the usage of the product usually a monthly recurring amount and does not become the owner of the product.

Currently Flowlyf offers a subscription for its products FlowDesk Classic and FlowDesk Max. The minimum time frame the FlowDesk can be subscribed for is 3 months. There is no maximum tenure; you can cancel the subscription at any time during the tenure by giving 1 month's prior notice. Customers can also avail Subscribe-to-Purchase. For more info, please read the section below.

Yes the minimum tenure or the lock in period for any subscription is 3 months.

For all subscription products you need to submit one valid id proof and one current address proof.

Subscribe-to-Own is a program designed specifically to provide highest degree of flexibility to our customers. You can try our products by subscribing to them and if you love them, purchase them from us at special prices that are transparent and pre-defined.

While in normal subscription, you choose to subscribe to a product, extend its usage duration or return it when you are done. We add another level of flexibility for our customers to opt for Subscribe -to- Own, where you start with subscription, and you can opt to own the product whenever you please. Just pay the difference of the Adjusted Buying Price and the subscription you have paid till date to own it, simple. Let us walk you through an example- Suppose you Subscribed to the FlowDesk at Rs. 2000/month. After 6 months of the subscription duration, you decide to own it. By this time, you must have already paid Rs. 2,000*6 = Rs. 12,000. And the Adjusted Buying Price is Rs.30000. Now, Rs. 30,000 - Rs. 12,000 = Rs. 18,000. All you have to do is pay the price, i.e. Rs. 18,000, and the FlowDesk is yours! On every product page, you can see the predefined Subscribe -to- Own prices. Decide if you want to Own, and we’ll handle the rest.

Each product comes with its unique warranty; please check the product page for specifics. We provide part replacements and free shipping within the warranty period if needed.

For post-warranty situations, we can ship necessary parts (with associated costs). Please note that on-site replacement is unavailable, and users are accountable for installation, as our products are designed for DIY assembly.

Yes you can purchase the product out rightly.

If you have subscribed to any of our products for more than 1 month you have unlocked the option to own the product, you shall find the product’s Adjusted Buying Price on the orders page. Each product eligible for Subscribe -to- Own shall carry the Adjusted Buying Price for that month. You can choose the option to pay the balance amount and own the product right there.

You have the flexibility to subscribe to the product for any duration you prefer. However, please note that FlowDesk currently offers a 15-month subscription plan, after which the ownership of the product will be transferred to you.

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