Acacia Solid Wood Surface

  • Wipe the furniture daily with a soft cloth (a slightly moist cloth is advisable to catch dust).
  • Avoid exposing the wood to alcohol, deodorants, perfumes, nail varnishes and similar liquids. If spills occur, wipe immediately with a dry cloth. These liquids will pull moisture from the wood if left, causing cracking. Alcohol such as red wine would also stain the wood.
  • Place your furniture carefully so that it's not in contact with direct sunlight (this can cause fading and, in extreme cases, cracking).
  • Do not place furniture next to fireplaces or radiators as this can cause warping.
  • We recommend using placemats and coasters when resting drinks or dishes on the furniture.
  • Avoid all cleaning tools with a rough surface. This will wear down the finish and increase the likelihood of scratching.
  • Avoid polish or cleaning products containing silicone, which can dry out natural wood over time.
  • Do not use detergents or any cleaning products that contain ammonia. These will take the moisture out of the wood and wear down the finish much faster.
This surface is manufactured from slabs, obtained by fully matured trees. Furniture made from solid wood has beautiful grains, which are truly natural, making no two surfaces look alike. These are natural knots and not damaged wood.

Know your wood before making a purchase

  • Natural creaks along the grains are a very common occurrence in natural wood surfaces. Please note this is not a defect.
  • The wood creaks along the knots of the wood will be present across all surfaces and cannot be controlled as no two surfaces are the same.
  • These veins never open the surface up. They're on the upper layers and will remain as is throughout. They add to the beauty of solid wood furniture.
  • We request our customers to understand that this is not an engineered wood surface and hence irregularities are invariably present. This is purely a natural occurrence with no human control.
  • The desk is made up of joined planks, only in case the plank opens up, we provide a no questions asked replacement, as that is termed as a manufacturing defect.
  • All other nodes and minor vein creaks do not apply for a replacement.
  • Please follow the care guide for maintaining your desk